Building Communities

We want to present a blueprint to give you the tools and support needed to manifest utopian scenarios within community building.

To live as sovereign and free humans – with the freedom to create, cooperate, cultivate and be self-sufficient. To be innovative in a holistic way, to have economic independence, and to live side by side with nature in love, prosperity, harmony, and spirit.

We believe in voluntarism. We want to show the steps necessary to decentralize and help ordinary people to be able to create a society they truly want to live in and be a part of. Through voluntary cooperation towards a common goal with clear and well-communicated sets of values.

We believe that intentional communities lie mainly in the psychology of the individuals as well as the collective as a whole. Self-awareness, accountability, and responsibility are important values for a functioning community.

What kind of world do you want to live in? What values and morals do you live by? What role do you want to have and whom do you want to be in that world? Your rights are not something you sit around and wait for to be given to you, it is something you own by living.