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A message from the Youth for Freedom

We are gathering the young people of the world. The free ones. To build a better world together. There has never been a period in time with more opportunities to create something new than there is right now and we will make the most of it. Let us join together and use the strength within ourselves combined with our youthfulness and positive energy.

Join the conversation and the added value from us in this Telegram chat group. Where we also recruit members to the projects that we are currently working on. Our age group is between 18-35.

Max Winter


A word from the founder of Youth for Freedom

A leader with a vision

My name is Max Winter, I’m a servant of truth and a defender of freedom

The idea of creating a youth group in the world freedom alliance came to me because I saw the need of creating something new in this world. I strongly believe that it’s up to the young generation to make this happen.

In the WFA Youth, we want to create a world for young people to thrive, flourish and live as the sovereign living beings we all were meant to be. It’s also gonna be a better place for future generations to live on earth.

Other than that, I’m a freedom activist, initiator of the freedom movement in Sweden, where we are organizing manifestations and large marshes. This was never a role I intend to take, but someone had to get this done.

I also work as a mentor for men, maximizing their vitality and mentality. And by that, helping them to find the rots of their masculinity. Which creates the possibility of becoming the optimal version of themselves.

If you want to come in contact with me: Use this link to find me online

max winter

Our Projects

Building Community

We want to support and provide the youth with the tools needed to manifest eutopian scenarios within community building.

Mental Mastery

Support and inspire Youth for Freedom mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. To be connected to ourselves, each other, and the world around us, empowering us to live free and from our truth.

Holistic Health

We want to support the youth to optimize and maintain holistic health for ourselves and future generations to thrive.

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